The USA vs. Bergdahl

The only doc to access Bowe Bergdahl’s story

When Bowe Bergdahl infamously walked off his base in Afghanistan in 2009 he was captured by the Taliban and held for five years, tortured and kept in a tiny cage. But the nightmare only continued when he was freed by President Obama in exchange for five Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo. Arriving home, he was vilified in the media as a deserter who collaborated with the enemy. Donald Trump called for him to be shot as a “dirty rotten traitor”. So what is his side of the story? Film-maker Sean Langan gets exclusive access to Bowe Bergdahl and to his parents, presenting a moving story of a family caught in a storm of false allegations, and a soldier who made a mistake and paid a terrible price. Read more…

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You can now watch and/or buy Sean Langans’ latest film ‘The USA vs. Bergdahl’ at Journeyman Pictures, on Amazon (dotcom), and via Vimeo.

*Note – ‘The USA vs. Bergdahl’ is the alternative title for the original BBC4 film ‘Coming Home: Bowe Bergdahl versus the United States’