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2009: African Railway

October 2009 – Sean Langan begins work on BBC Four documentary about a railway line in Tanzania

“Thank God. I’m finally back in the land of the living, and back on the road, after a long absence spent staring into an abyss. After my release from Hotel Taliban last Summer I withdrew, mainly into the arms of my two boys, family and friends – but also, inadvertently, up my own arse/nose/bottle/youporn/ anything, infact, to not think about my three months in a dark room under threat of death by my Taliban captors. But after months of that realised I’d ended up in another prison of my own making, so stopped all of that and got back to life. Feels great. Have basked in the company of my children and got my life back on track. Now ready to start my romance with making documentary films again. But before I do, would just like to send a heart-felt thanks to all those who helped or who were worried about me during my ordeal, and apologies for not contacting you all. But extremely grateful nevertheless. About to start filming again. No war for me, at least not for a while anyway, and until my insurance premiums have come down and my boys grown up. BBC4 has commissioned me to make a documentary about a railway line in Tanzania; a slice of African-life, something heartwarming and heartfelt. And made me promise not to cross the border into Congo or Zimbabwe…..as if I’d cross a border into a dangerous place! Writing this from my hotel in Dar es Salam. Biggest danger I’ll face, apparently, are elephants on the railway track. Shouldn’t be a problem. I’m not in a hurry and happy to wait and watch the elephants go by. Feels great to be alive and in Africa – the cradle of humanity, and the birthplace of mine, and everyone else’s, original grandmother!” Sean Langan

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