Sean Langan – Documentary Filmmaker

Sean LanganBAFTA nominee and British journalist Sean Langan made his name by travelling to many of the world’s trouble-spots – dangerous and volatile environments noted for war, conflict and civil unrest armed with nothing more than a camera.

His personal style of filmmaking has been hugely successful with films such as Langan Behind The lines, Fighting The Taliban, Meeting The Taliban and Afghan Ladies’ Driving School being fine examples of his work.

Born in 1964 Sean has been making documentaries since 1997; His first film Video Diaries: Nightmare In Paradise saw him investigate the kidnapping of two British tourists in Kashmir. He joined the relatives of these missing men, who didn’t know if their sons were alive or dead, following them as they took to the streets looking for information and recording their every move with his camera. He recorded his own thoughts and investigation into the pair’s disappearance in a diary format.


Ten years later in March 2008, whilst working on a film for Channel 4, Sean was kidnapped in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region by a group associated with the Taliban after trying to make contact with Al-Qaeda’s second in command. He was freed three months later (21st June 2008) after his family had negotiated his release. The BBC drama The Kidnap Diaries which is co-written by Sean documents this horrific ordeal.


Seans’ Channel 4 Dispatches documentary Fighting The Taliban won a Rory Peck Award in 2007. His BBC series Langan Behind The Lines was short-listed for a BAFTA, a Grierson and a One World Media Award. Mission Accomplished was voted in the top ten documentaries in the world in 2005.


“Sean Langan is a film-maker who’s often managed to go where other film-makers fear to, or are unable to, tread. In ‘Langan in Iraq’ he was one of the first filmmakers to document the Iraqi insurgency, and in ‘Tea With the Taliban’ he got the first TV interviews with the Taliban. ‘Fighting the Taliban’ saw him get a very rare embed with British forces in Afghanistan.” – Intelligent Factual Festival.


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