Sean has been making films for television since 1997.

The USA vs. Bergdahl

The story of the homecoming of US Army sergeant and former Taliban prisoner Bowe Bergdahl, after five years in captivity. After walking off his post in Afghanistan in 2009, US Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban and held in captivity for five years. This documentary by the film-maker and former Taliban hostage Sean Langan, who gained exclusive access to the former POW and his family, gives a unique perspective on Sgt Bergdahl’s incredible story.

*Note – ‘The USA vs. Bergdahl’ is the alternative title for the original BBC4 film ‘Coming Home: Bowe Bergdahl versus the United States


Coming Home: Bowe Bergdahl vs the United States (BBC Storyville, BBC Four, 2017)Read more…

African Railway

African Railway (BBC4) opens with journalist Sean Langan riding out with a maintenance crew to repair a stretch of track somewhere along the Tanzania-to-Zambia railway. But they don’t quite get there: the maintenance trolley breaks down in the middle of the bush, where elephants wander across the tracks. This sets the tone perfectly. As Langan says: “When a maintenance trolley breaks down, you know a railway is in trouble.”


African Railway (BBC Two / BBC Four, 2010)Read more…

Meeting The Taliban

Winner 2008 BANFF World Television Award for Investigative & Current Affairs Programs. Shortlisted for Royal Television Society Award, 2008.

Having witnessed the battle for the town of Garmser in the Helmand province of Afghanistan, Sean Langan goes to meet The Taliban. In this remarkable film he recounts his initial encounter.

Meeting The Taliban (Dispatches, Channel 4, 2007)Read more…

Fighting The Taliban

Nominated for Bafta, 2008. Winner Rory Peck Award, Best Feature, 2007.

Fighting The Taliban is the exclusive first-hand account of one of the longest battles fought by British soldiers in Afghanistan. Ignoring Ministry of Defence orders, filmmaker Sean Langan hitches a ride with the Afghan army who, along with British soldiers, are on a mission to retake the strategically critical town of Garmser in Helmand province.


Fighting The Taliban (Dispatches, Channel 4, 2007)Read more…

Afghan Ladies’ Driving School

Winner Commonwealth Broadcasting Award, 2006.

Afghanistan has changed a lot since the collapse of the Taliban regime in 2001. The first democratic parliamentary elections in more than 30 years were held last September. And women – in some areas – have come out from beneath the burqa after years of being held virtual prisoners in their own homes. They are now free to walk in public, without a male relative by their side, and can work, vote and even learn how to drive.


Afghan Ladies’ Driving School (BBC Two / BBC Four, 2006)Read more…

Mission Accomplished: Langan In Iraq

Shortlisted for Rory Peck Awards, 2005. Shortlisted for IDA (International Documentary Awards) 2005.

Seven months after President Bush declared the war over in Iraq and “Mission Accomplished”, British journalist and documentary filmmaker Sean Langan armed himself with a camera and set off to find out what life was really like in the newly occupied territory.


Mission Accomplished: Langan In Iraq (BBC Two / BBC Four, 2004)Read more…

Travels Of A Gringo: Langan in Latin America

Journalist and filmmaker Sean Langan travels from one end of Latin America to the other to find out what globalisation means for the people there and what impact it’s had on their lives. This three-part series follows Sean on his long journey of discovery.


Travels Of A Gringo: Langan in Latin America (Channel 4, 2003)Read more…

Langan In Zimbabwe

At the beginning of Langan in Zimbabwe (BBC2), having been refused accreditation as a journalist by the authorities and asked to leave the country, Sean decides to return with a group of tourists.


Langan In Zimbabwe (BBC Two / BBC Four, 2002)Read more…

Langan Behind The Lines

Shortlisted for Bafta, Grierson Award, and One World Awards.

Know your enemy. A phrase that’s always been considered good advice in military circles. And surely now, at a time when we are informed by a salivating media that we are “at war” there couldn’t be a more appropriate time for us to get to grips with the political, cultural and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. So full marks and a medal are due to Sean Langan, undoubtedly one of our greatest investigative journalists, for his insightful and enlightening (not to mention death-defying) tour of Afghanistan.


Langan Behind The Lines (BBC Two, 2001)Read more…

Nightmare In Paradise

In 1997 Sean Langan travelled to Kashmir to investigate the disappearance of four hostages. After enduring fruitless months, he is close to a meeting with one of the kidnappers. Finally, he is called to a meeting in the mountains, where a situation he could not have foreseen makes him rethink his position.


Nightmare In Paradise (BBC Two, 1998) – Read more…